Hi, I'm Suyash Bahadur Shrestha. UI/UX designer specializing in web design based in Nepal. Design, Designing, Designer is something that I've come up with, may not make sense but sure sounds cool. I've always loved art and designing. Although I couldn't get myself into making any of the masterpieces of myself but I've always found myself awestruck looking at any of the pieces I see be it some website or a hard graffiti piece near a dumpster or any designs printed in a piece of fabric, I've always ladmired art and design

What if your online presence could tell a story that whispers elegance and captivates effortlessly?
Together with my expertise, let's explore the art of crafting a digital narrative that speaks volumes in subtlety. Ready to redefine your online presence?"

Let's design a website  that reflects the timeless elegance your brand deserves.

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(Key) Skills

/UI design
/UX design
/Wireframing & Prototyping
/Visual Design
/Graphics design (2D/3D)

HTML, CSS , JS, FIGMA ,WEBFLOW, Framer, Photoshop, Illustrator,
(Soft) Skills

Communication, Collaboration, UX Research, Project Management, SEO, Digital Marketing.